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Photographer DBeltonjr | Birthday 1.21.18

It's my birthday, this year is one of my most important years to date. The ideas and the proper planning I now have should make for one of my best years to date. I master my style finally Lol which put in position to be consistent with myself.

My mindset today is 

" What stands in the way becomes the way " You can be in your own way whether it's doubt, fear or whatever the magnitude may be. Whatever that is becomes the way. Meaning the hurdle for you to get over so you can max out your Greatness

I'm at the point where I understand being Brave enough to lead the culture will always be more successful than chasing to follow it - Meaning Bodying your lane you have to be brave then chasing someone who chase trends.  Everyone purpose is different. 

Competitive - In the city Compete with yourself, it's a always a new level for you to go. We spend too much time competing against people or brands and speaking bad on people. Art is freedom from what you going through, so bringing negativity in your creative space is basically putting you behind prison. 

Creativity is an outlet, not a distraction .. Don't jeopardize your creativity in surroundings where you can't elevate

Barber @barber_teef 
photo creds our 17yr old @dondavinciii

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