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Behind the Scenes | Obey Dario x DBeltonjr Photo shoot

Behind the scenes of Dancer | Choreographer @Obey_Dario shoot

Creative Direction | Photographer @DBeltonjr

Assistant Photographer Donovhan Belton

Music: OBA Rowland - Trapstar

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Music Artist Lil Uzi Vert Concert

Music Artist @liluzivert 
Concert shots by @mikewil__ & @dbeltonjr 
Stage Design + Creative Direction @prfnd 
Michael Mauro 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️
DJ @djpforreal 

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Published work by us in @thedrivemag 
Model @stepien.magdalena 
Hair: @trayellehair 
Photo creds @dbeltonjr 
Designer @anastuliccollection 👙

Location: @lisaland_productions 

PR: @danijeladobrich The Drive Magazine @sabooster @suzykendrick#anastuliccollection

See the Published Article here

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Fashion Designer Ana Stulic SS18 Lookbook  pt 1

Ana Stulic x DBeltonjr 

This shoot was team effort! The Locations brought our ideas to life to execute this High Level Shoot, it lived up to the hype
— Dennis Belton jr
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Jackie Robinson x Belton Media Group

Jackie Robinson became the first black player in the major leagues in 1947, signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was named Rookie of the Year in 1947, National League MVP in 1949 and a World Series champ in 1955. Belton Media Group relive the concept of Jackie by doing this concept photo shoot of him

Model  @1upken 
Photo creds @mikewil__ 
Creative Direction @dbeltonjr

RACHEL x DBeltonjr 🍯

" Rachel get sets to launch her MACK COLLECTION  "

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Photo creds 

Location Detroit

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Stealth Auto Series pt 1 | Range Rover StylesbyDounya

Stealth Auto LLC sells all types of used vehicles, from sports cars to luxury vehicles. Caters to each customer individually, to satisfy their own practical needs

shot/edited by @TaylerTeriano Model @StylesbyDounya Creative Direction @DBeltonjr

28250 Southfield Rd. Lathrup Village, MI 48076

Email: Tel: 1-248-996-9117

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SS18 Ana Stulic

Ana Stulic's Latest Spring Collection Exclusive Designed Launch Fashion Show' at the COMMON GROUND ART GALLERY of WINDSOR ONTARIO.

cc, Milana Radic, Belton Media Group, yvmz___


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S A B R Ï N x DBeltonjr

Model SABRIN @_yahhabibti 

 Photo Creds @DBeltonjr

This shoot we actually used Buffalo Wild Wings in Downtown Detroit to execute this shoot, it didn’t disappoint
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StylesbyDounya x TayeTaye Vision

Stylist/Model/Influencer @StylesbyDounya

Director of Photography : @DBeltonjr of Belton Media Group Video by TayeTayeVision

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Renee Marie Events | Event planning and Decorating Co.

Renee Marie Events specializes in planning, designing and executing your event from start to finish, whether it be a wedding, baby shower, corporate event, black tie affair and much more!

Getting her start as a chair cover and linen company in 2003 ,  RM events has evolved over the years into a one stop shop in event planning, rentals and design for any Occasion. Offering top quality rentals to beautiful floral designs RM events takes your event to the next level and makes it memorable! 

RME also travels! We provide out of state services as well. Please contact her for more information!

Website by Belton Media Group and video by @TaylerTeriano

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Photographer DBeltonjr | Birthday 1.21.18

It's my birthday, this year is one of my most important years to date. The ideas and the proper planning I now have should make for one of my best years to date. I master my style finally Lol which put in position to be consistent with myself.

My mindset today is 

" What stands in the way becomes the way " You can be in your own way whether it's doubt, fear or whatever the magnitude may be. Whatever that is becomes the way. Meaning the hurdle for you to get over so you can max out your Greatness

I'm at the point where I understand being Brave enough to lead the culture will always be more successful than chasing to follow it - Meaning Bodying your lane you have to be brave then chasing someone who chase trends.  Everyone purpose is different. 

Competitive - In the city Compete with yourself, it's a always a new level for you to go. We spend too much time competing against people or brands and speaking bad on people. Art is freedom from what you going through, so bringing negativity in your creative space is basically putting you behind prison. 

Creativity is an outlet, not a distraction .. Don't jeopardize your creativity in surroundings where you can't elevate

Barber @barber_teef 
photo creds our 17yr old @dondavinciii

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